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The information provided on this page is in no way meant as an opinion or support for or against any current or past legislation or election.  If you have further questions or would like additional information, please contact Molly Given at mcfroe@yahoo.com.

 Here are some useful links to help parents be better informed on the current legislative issues effecting education in our state.

Colorado PTA Advocacy Page

Jefferson County PTA Advocacy Page

Colorado Education Network Power Point Presentation


The following information has been edited from the Jefferson County PTA Advocacy Liaison Newsletter, to read the full Newsletter, click HERE.


Mapping the Journey
On October 10, at the 100 day mark of his tenure as Superintendent of Jeffco Schools and after over 400 community conversations, Dr. Jason Glass unveiled 'Jeffco Generations: A new vision for our community's schools'. The document asks us to "create a complete support system around that learning experience" for our kids. You are already in the boat and on the river, check out the map and chart your progress. 
Click here for Jeffco Generations: A Learning Centered Vision

On The Issues

After 400 community conversations you can expect close to a million questions. Dive deeper into the minds of Jeffco stakeholders in "On the Issues" featured in Advance Jeffco. Superintendent and Chief Learner Dr. Jason Glass presents answers to the most pressing questions, issues, and the community asks questions back. The best questions get the best answers- check out the comments section on both of these current features:

Current Jeffco Ballot Facts
From Colorado Secretary of State

- 3.36 million active registered voters in Colorado at the beginning of October. 

- 36,000 voted ballots had been received by early Monday, October 24- Ballots have been out for over a week. 

- 14,913 were cast by Republicans, 11,633 were cast by Democrats, and 9,383 were cast by unaffiliated voters. 

- Voters 71 and older have so far voted the fastest-  their 12,431 ballots accounting for fully one-third of all votes yet received, while only 799 ballots have been received from voters ages 18-25.

- Republicans and older voters were returning their ballots at a faster clip than Democrats, unaffiliated voters and younger registered voters. 
Learn about the Jeffco Board of Education Candidates Here


Didn't get your ballot in the mail? Check Jeffco Ballot Trax
You can Return your ballot: 
  • By mail to arrive at the Elections Division by 7 p.m. Election Day with adequate First Class postage (Post Marked ballots will not be counted)
  • Dropping it off at any Ballot Drop-off Location
Threw you ballot away on accident?  Visit a Voter Polling and Service Center to get a replacement ballot and further assistance. 

Register to Vote or change voter registration information anytime at  GoVoteColorado.com

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