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SUBJECT: Our first Restaurant Night, Important Upcoming Dates, and more!


EnrollJeffco is Jeffco Public School's enrollment system. 

All students will need to use EnrollJeffco between December 10th and January 15th to indicate where they will be going to school next August, including if they are returning to Fairmount. This system will digitally manage the choice/open enrollment process. Once our Fairmount families indicate if they are returning next year, we will determine if there is extra space at Fairmount to offer open-enrollment seats to students who wish to choice-in to our school. You will be getting additional information sent home in the coming weeks that will explain how you will access the system to complete the enrollment process for next year. 


Mountain Vista Nursing Home

Our 5th graders will be spreading holiday cheer to our friends at Mountain Vista Nursing Home later this month. It is always a moving event for our students because the elderly residents are so grateful for their visit! Thank you to Janna Wertz for coordinating gifts for the residents.

Winter Break

Our student's winter break starts on December 23rd, and they return on January 6th. We hope all of our families have a magical and safe vacation! See you in 2020!

As always, if you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please call the office, stop by, or email me at smills@jeffco.k12.co.us.

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Dinner just got easier! We will be kicking off our first fundraising night out at Tokyo Joe's in Arvada from 4:00pm-8:00pm on December 3! Tokyo Joe's has generously offered to donate 25% of your order total back to Fairmount. Just make sure to mention Fairmount Elementary when you order!

Tokyo Joes: 9585 Ralston Road #300, Arvada, CO 80002. 


Students are invited to a movie night at Fairmount on Friday, December 6 from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Staff will be showing RIO. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Pajamas, pillow and blankets are encouraged! The cost is $20 per child. 

Space is limited, reserve your child's spot now! 


Join us for Fairmount Elementary's Annual Talent Show on Friday, February 7, at 6:00pm. Tryouts will be held January 14 & 15. Dress rehearsal will be February 6. 

The Talent Show Coordinators are looking for someone to join them in planning the 2020 Talent Show. Ideally this person would learn the planning process and take over as coordinator for the 2021 event.  Please email Laura Warren (PTA VP) if you have any questions or interest. 


The Book Cart program will be ending temporarily the week of December 9. Please return all books by December 13 so we can inventory and repair books before starting again in January. We’re proud of all the books the kids have been reading!


The deadline is December 6, 2019 for purchasing a baby page for your 5th grader's last elementary school yearbook. Click here for more baby page info.

We need help planning the continuation ceremony in May. Please contact Paige Samson if you're interested in volunteering! 



jeffco PTA

The next PTA meeting will be February 4 at 3:45pm in the library. All are welcome, please join us!


Fairmount Elementary's Annual Talent Show will be Friday, February 7, at 6:00pm. Tryouts will be held January 14 & 15. Dress rehearsal will be February 6. 


The Fairmount Spelling Bee for 4th and 5th graders will be Thursday, January 23, 2020.  The written pre-qualifying test will be on January 13.


Thank you to Stacey Atkins, Sage Crowe and all of the parent volunteers who helped with the Parent/Student Breakfast! It was a wonderful event that kids look forward to every year. We appreciate everyone's effort to make it so special! 

Thanks to Soumita Datta, the Fairmount PTA sponsored student directory is updated! You can start planning your winter break play dates and meet-ups by contacting other families through the directory. If you wish to be listed and/or have access to the directory, simply join the PTA ($10 fee). The directory is just one of many benefits of PTA membership. 


Our bulletin board near the front office is getting a big update thanks to Erica Davis! Check it out the next time you're in the school for the latest news and events. 

Start saving product caps from Longmont Dairy and help Fairmount earn cash back! To date we’ve collected 3,700 milk caps which is $185 for the school.Click here for details.

Congrats to Brielle Emery, who won the October giveaway for participating! 


Keep shopping and earning money for Fairmount! The next quarter ends December 31, 2019. The deadline to submit will be January 31, 2020.

If you have questions please contact Amy Kline.



Earn 0.5% for Fairmount every time you make eligible purchases on Amazon!

Don't wait, start earning for the holidays!Click here for directions to enroll.

K – Kindergartners investigated magnets! They hypothesized which materials were magnetic and which were not. They tested their hypothesis in small groups. Don't be surprised if they continue checking metal materials at home to see if they contain steel or iron. As a side note, we found some real ringers in the magnetic dart competition.

1st – After listening to the true story, "Balloons Over Broadway," first graders had fun making their own version of a Macy's Day Parade balloon float. With partners, they chose a theme and sketched their prototype, then discovered how stretching balloons before pumping them up with air changes their air capacity. They also learned to leave a tail at the end so they could twist their shape. The dollar store has balloons in case they want to try this again at home over break! 

2nd – Using a video game design, students shared information about a specific type of plant and included all components necessary for survival within their game. Their plants (or character) needed roots, stem, and leaves. Collecting sunlight, water, nutrients, and air in coin form was a goal along the way.

3rd – Third graders are learning about measurement in math. We compared the tape measure, meter stick, and ruler and determined which items should be measured with which tool. After reading a section of the book, How Big is a Foot?, partners measured their own feet and realized why we have standard units of measure. They were challenged to find the only two other countries in the world besides the US, who use the Customary System.

4th – Fourth graders explored renewable energy. Using fans as wind power, students engineered a contraption that could catch the "wind" and transport "food" across a chasm. Innovation and troubleshooting were paramount as designs were adjusted after each test run.

5th – Fifth graders played each other's digital citizenship video games and offered feedback. Game designers also had a chance to teach their study buddies to be safe and smart online in a fun way.

Check out the STEM website for a list of Ms. B’s approved apps and more photos!

The 5th Annual "Hour of Code" Is Coming!
For the 5th year, all students will be using iPads or Chromebooks to practice computer coding with the "Hour of Code." A national program with corporate partners such as Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, "Hour of Code" is an initiative that promotes computer science and the district's technology standards. Check out code.org to try it out!

Robotics Club
The Fairmount Library Robotics Club has 39 students who are designing and building robots to compete in a robotics competition on Saturday, December 7th, at Fairmount. The Squared Away Challenge will award points based on the robot's ability to move balls inside cubes, and then move cubes into corners. Good luck, Firebirds! 

Library Collaborations
K Kindergarten classes learned about old technology and today's technology with a Long Ago and Now learning unit.

1st First graders are learning more about the three states of matter. They're sharing examples using Padlet and creating class books using Google Slides.

3rd The third graders shared their learning from their Day in Denver with their parents. They used Google My Maps to pinpoint the placed they visited and included pictures they took.

4th Some fourth graders are using Google Slides on the web, Animoto, or Canva to share what they've learned in their Africa unit. 

Cyberbullying Tips for Parents
"Most kids will encounter mean behavior at some point in their digital lives. For some kids, this experience is a blip that's easily forgotten, while for others it can have deep, long-lasting effects. For parents, the key is staying involved in kids' lives -- both online and off -- so they can step in and offer help if necessary. With guidance from parents and educators, kids can learn how to dodge the drama and stand up for others." Continue Reading>>

In this article, published by Common Sense Media, there are six tips shared for identifying and dealing with cyberbulling. Use these to help your family keep the conversation fluid about your students' online activities.

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