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or detailed information about how the reloadable grocery card fundraiser works and how to get your cards today!

So far, for the 2017–18 school year, Fairmount PTA has received $22,133 from grocery card reloads ($3,552 for December). That's 82% toward our goal! G
reat job and keep it up! Each reload benefits our school and our children!


After an overhaul of Safeway's gift card program, Safeway cards are back in stock and ready for purchase. If you have an older Safeway card it still works, but they feel the new cards are less prone to fraud or misuse. Visit the PTA website to get yours today!






Congratulations to our very own


(a kindergarten para and a Fairmount parent) for being this month's raffle winner.

She will receive a $25 gift card to Regal Cinema for simply buying/reloading her card.

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it could be YOU!


Thank you to all who donated your used or new board games! These games will be helpful to implement language activities for other speech-language pathologists in the district who do not have many resources. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Teale Darnell, Speech-Language Pathologist



Yearbook packages and individual items are ONLY available for purchase online HERE through Friday, March 30, 2018.

Check the Fairmount PTA website to see if you have already purchased your yearbook(s) by Clicking Home, Previous Orders at the top right of screen, Order Number.

Click here to see a list of packages and individual items!


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Save the Date:

Sunday, May 6, 2018!

Dates to


FEB. 1: 4th Grade Show

FEB. 2: 1st Grade Mini Mall

FEB. 5: Area Band Fest

FEB. 6
: Area Orchestra Fest

FEB. 6
: PTA Meeting, 6:00–7:00 p.m. in the LMC

FEB. 7
: Area Spelling Bee

FEB. 8
: Spring Conferences

FEB. 8–9
: Class Pictures

FEB. 9
: Fairmount Talent Show

FEB. 9: Choice Enrollment Round 2 begins

FEB. 14: Valentine's Day Parties; Jump Rope for Heart

FEB. 15: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Celestial Seasonings

FEB. 15: Bell Middle School Registration for 5th & 6th Grade

FEB. 16: Early Release Day (@ 1:05)

FEB. 19: Presidents' Day (no school)

FEB. 22: 2nd Grade Performance (Portie)

FEB. 26: 2nd Grade Performance (Peters)

FEB. 27: 2nd Grade Performance (Nick)

FEB. 28: 1st Grade Field Trip to Arvada Center

MAR. 1: 2nd Grade Performance (McQuaid)








—Sally Mills

. . . may be the shortest month of the year, but here at Fairmount we have lots going on!

Colorado John Irwin School of Excellence Award

I am pleased to announce that Fairmount has been awarded the Colorado John Irwin Award for Excellence! This award is given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement by earning an Exceeds Expectations rating on the Academic Achievement indicator of the School Performance Frameworks. This reflects exceptional performance in Math, English Language Arts, and Science. We are so proud of our students, staff, and families for this prestigious accomplishment!

Thank You!

Our school lobby has received a beautiful upgrade thanks to the Spann Family. We appreciate the new furniture!

Valentine’s Day Party Schedule

Jump Rope for Heart will be on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. We will have a revised specials schedule that day to accommodate Jump Rope for Heart as well as 3rd and 5th grade field trips. We planned Valentine’s parties around all of these events and party times are as follows: grades 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 will have their Valentine’s parties at 2:30; 3rd grade will have their Valentine’s party at 2:45. Kindergarten parties will be 10:30–11:30 so our morning students can take part.

As always, if you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please call the office, stop by, or email me at smills@jeffco.k12.co.us.


Friday, Feb. 9th

@ 6:00 p.m.

(in the gym)

Come cheer on your classmates and friends at this year’s talent show. We have singers, dancers, rappers, actors, martial artists, various instrumentalists, and more!

Be sure to stay till the end for a surprise act!


Each month, the Fairmount teachers recognize students who demonstrate C.A.R.E. behaviors by posting their accomplishments on the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is located in the hallway leading from the cafeteria to outside. Below are the students being recognized for the month of January 2018.

Libby Wells
Libby Timmens
Colin Meier
Brendan Marquardt
Allison Garcia
Preston Eggers
Presley Cerrone
Alayna Brannan
Jailynn Ausman
Peyton Bauer
Hattie Hermsen
Finn McKeon
Zach Hoerr
Bella Marquardt
Layton Bilger

Alessandro Lombardi
Ryan Jensen
Ethan Charleson
Caden Zahrte
Poppy Saunders
Brinley Gibson
Jack Gault
Gianna Tate
Noah Weil
Domino Yocom
Trey Haigler
Brookes Norris
Creighton Major
Walker Beal
Ian Boeckman
Emerson Drake
Kash Charles
Charlie Komon

Erik Le
Brooks Blevins
Max Given
Colton Armitage
Carter Figg
Ben Wheeler
Ben Byerrum
Brandon Yu
Brady Cross
Zoe Atkins
Owen Earl
Blake Ferguson







Jaxton VanOcker
Isaac Thexton
Tyler Schons
Sylvia Kulesza
Isabella Bontrager
Sylvia Yu
Sadie Weborg
Vivian Pearson
Charlotte Cline
Misha Seliverstov
Ryan Kim
Sophia Sabus
Blake Anderson
Talia Wichert
Luke Wagner
London Coronado
Maddie Kos
Edward Sum
Hannah Dill
Rebecca Dill
Julia Wilson

It Only Takes One Ride

—Kristi Mladenovic,
Fairmount PTA President

I have been mulling this over for quite some time as the pick-up and drop-off scene at Fairmount Elementary School has had me shaking my head. I am writing this article as I want to express how important safety in the car is for children. What do you mean, you might be asking?  My kids wear their seat belts. The real question is, where in the car do they sit?  Your child might be saying that all his/her friends ride “shotgun” (up front in the passenger seat). They might be saying that they are big enough. They might be saying that it’s a short ride home. Let me assure you that you are making a big mistake allowing your elementary-aged child to ride in the front passenger seat.

At Fairmount Elementary School, I see too many parents when dropping off or picking up their child(ren) who are permitting their elementary-aged child to ride in the front passenger seat. A Progressive Insurance study revealed that approximately 52% of all accidents occur within five miles from a person’s home. The impact of a front passenger airbag is higher for children 12 and younger and can even cause death.

Now you are probably asking, “I know this, but why are you telling me this?” My family was very lucky this past weekend. My husband and son were driving to pick up a friend to go sledding. They were only a mile away from home. They ended up in a head-on collision. The airbags and seat belts saved them from extensive injuries. Most importantly, my son was seated in the backseat. He is recovering from seat belt bruises, but had he been sitting in the front . . . I don’t want to even imagine. My son has always questioned why other kids at Fairmount can ride in the front passenger seat. Now he knows the answer.

I urge all drivers of elementary-aged children to have them sit in the backseat, buckled and safe. No child should be “riding shotgun,” as you really should have an “adult-sized” body for the front seats. Lastly, hug your kids every chance you get!

Hufford & Co. Real Estate & Property Management  will make a donation to charity of client’s choice for every real estate transaction handled by us associated with Fairmount Elementary.

(Library Media Center)
—Andi Johnson

Spelling Bee

Our school spelling bee was held on Friday, January 26, at 9:00 in the library. Congratulations to the 17 students who qualified to participate:

Olivia Gonzales (4-Trebilcock)
Lilian Cassell (4-Trebilcock)
Kala Grenwis (5-Blomquist)
Ryan Kim (5-Blomquist)
Levi Stewart (5-Blomquist)
Rory Burns (5-DiGiosio)
Nula Burns (5-Tilton)
Ayden Corbo (5-Tilton)
Maksym Marak (5-Tilton)
Sophie Christiansen (5-Veldman)
Avery Harrison (5-Veldman)
Noah Phillips (6-Heaviland)
Cherisse Cassell (6-Robinet)
Ben Baranato (6-Robinet)
Emily Wilson (6-Robinet)
Landon Orchard (6-Robinet)
Brooke Pavlich (6-Robinet)

And congratulations to this year's winners:

1st Place—Nula Burns
2nd Place—Sophie Christiansen
3rd Place—Kayla Grenwis

Hour of Code

All students have participated in one Hour of Code. The super exciting part is that so many of the students are doing it at home and occasionally at school if there is choice time. As a reminder, here are the courses that your students have participated in by grade level:

Grade Khttps://studio.code.org/s/coursea/stage/1/puzzle/1
Grades 1 and 2https://studio.code.org/s/courseb/stage/1/puzzle/1
Grades 3 and 4https://studio.code.org/s/coursec/stage/2/puzzle/1
Grade 5https://studio.code.org/s/coursed/stage/2/puzzle/1
Grade 6https://studio.code.org/s/coursee/stage/2/puzzle/1

Students are practicing problem-solving and perseverance. Ask your students about it!

As you explore code.org, you will see the many options to extend this learning for your students. Grades 3–6 have registered and created accounts, so they can log in from home or school to continue where they left off. Feel free to register your younger students as well.

Thanks for supporting your students as they learn this valuable problem-solving skill. Please let me know if you have any questions: andi.johnson@jeffco.k12.co.us.

Make Your Voice Heard

Students in grades 2–6 will all have completed our district’s Make Your Voice Heard survey by February 9. The survey gives students the opportunity to provide feedback on our school’s climate, student-staff relationships, and rigor and relevance.

 Colorado Children's Book Award

All students at Fairmount will have had the chance to vote for their favorite Colorado Children’s Book Award (CCBA) picture book. Ten picture books and ten chapter books are nominated by students in Colorado each year. Your students have gotten to hear at least three of these picture books read to them, if not all. Grades K and 1 have voted using Smart Response clickers, and grades 2–6 are voting via a Google Form. I will compile and turn in the votes to the state committee who sponsors this event, and they will inform me of the state winner. It has been fun to read all of these great books!

Robotics Club Competition

Fairmount’s Robotics Club enjoyed a holiday party and decorated their robots (see photo). The students have been working hard and are gearing up for our official district competition. Our students attended a scrimmage in December, but they’re now ready for the actual competition. It will be held on Saturday, Feb. 10, at 9:30 a.m. at Three Creeks K-8 in the Candelas neighborhood of Arvada. All are welcome. It will be an exciting day!

Want to know what books your student(s)
have checked out??

  • From the Fairmount Elementary home page, click the Library tab.
  • On the left side under the picture of the puppy, click Fairmount Elementary.
  • At the bottom of the blue box on the left side menu, click My Account.
  • The Patron Number is the student ID number. Most kids grades 2–6 know their IDs.
  • The PIN is the last four digits of that number.
  • Then you can see what books, if any, are checked out.


The Accountability Committee held a meeting on January 18, 2018, in the LMC. We reviewed our suggested budget priorities for the next school year: full-time psychologist, and maintain all current paraprofessionals and classroom support. As discussed this is possible with our current projected enrollment. Last year our teachers began work with a professional development team. This has been an intense, challenging, and beneficial endeavor. We will continue using these consultants in a limited manner next year. Additionally we have the ability to spend some of our budget on technology. Mrs. Johnson presented an inspiring video outlining the components of our technology curriculum, which empowers kids to drive leaning with their choices. This will be supported by an upgraded computer lab, more robotics, and a focus on devices for all students to utilize. Due to the great fundraising capacity of our PTA and the enormous generosity of our school community, our school budget is not used to provide much of our classroom technology like Chromebooks and laptops.

Our transition from a K–6 to a K–5 school may create a need for one staffing change, but it is too soon to predict with kindergarten enrollment still open. In Jefferson County the hiring process has begun for middle school teachers and all current Jeffco staff will be considered first.

Midyear school goals are meeting or advancing toward our expectations. In grades K–2 for the DIBELS assessment, we set a goal of 88% of our students meeting the proficient mark (up from 83%)—we are currently at 87%. This represents 21 individual students who were not proficient moving to proficient. In the MAP reading comprehension assessment we also set a goal of moving students to 88% (up from 83%), and this goal has been met, representing 22 students who moved up.

Our school office experienced a flood in January. The flood was caused by a malfunctioning fire system sprinkler. The fire alarm was thus tripped and students evacuated. The emergency response was swift and efficient. Our students and teachers were organized and on point in dealing with this situation. Jefferson County maintenance staff was dispatched immediately and began addressing the issue.

Our sidewalk grant, which was written, supported by our school community, and approved has hit a snag. There are some issues being presented by Cornerstone Montessori School. The plan will impact some parking spaces used for their school. Thus the plan has been put on hold. A possible community meeting to discuss the impacts may be scheduled soon.

Please join us for our next meeting March 15, 2018, and if you have any questions or comments, email Molly Given at mcfroe@yahoo.com.


We, as your PTA board, want you to know how much we love our school community and your involvement in it. And I, as your PTA Board Secretary, would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have loved being part of a team of people who are smart, talented, and fun to be with. Sadly, my term as secretary as well as the term of our fearless leader, Kristi Mladenovic, will expire at the end of this year, and we are looking for volunteers to fill these roles. I also want to let you in on a little secret: I was terrified to take on this position. Now? I haven’t looked back once and am thrilled they trusted me to do it. I have learned so much, but the most important thing I have learned is this: You will have the time of your life working so closely with our PTA team, the school, and the parents. Seriously. Don’t be afraid to step up and volunteer. You can learn more about the President and Secretary positions by clicking HERE. We hope you feel as we do that the PTA adds value to our school, children, and community—we truly need your support and hope you will consider joining us!


Most of us associate February with love because of Valentine’s Day. We here at Fairmount also have another event to love: the annual Fairmount Talent Show. Please join us in cheering on these talented students on February 9, at 6:00 p.m.

Our next PTA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, at 6:00 p.m. Our guest speaker will be parent volunteer, Adria Lucerna, who will update us on the Safe Routes to School grant.  The grant that is making a sidewalk to Fairmount a reality! Child care will be provided free of charge. We hope to see you there!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
—The PTA Board!


The numerous VOLUNTEERS at Fairmount. The level of involvement from parents and grandparents is what makes our community special! This includes, but is certainly not limited to, anyone who volunteers their time for the many PTA activities such as Read Naturally, Book Cart, Hospitality, as room parents providing classroom assistance, and anyone who donates items for parties or classroom needs. We want you to know how much we appreciate your time, energy, and commitment. Our school and the PTA would not be nearly as successful without you!

Visit www.FairmountPTA.orgtoday!
—The Fairmount PTA Board

THANK YOU to 1ST BANK of Arvada at Westwoods for their continued support of Fairmount!

Fairmount Elementary PTA
15975 W. 50th Ave
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