The Book Cart Program

Supporting our Fairmount readers 

The PTA-sponsored Book Cart Program is back!


Research has shown that students who consistently read with their parents on a daily basis improve their reading skills greatly over time.  Fairmount's Book Cart Program provides our students with the extra boost in becoming proficient readers as well as fostering a good home/school partnership


Here is how it works...


Your child will receive a book at their independent reading level every day (or most) of the week. 

The independent reading level is lower than the instructional reading level the teachers use in the classroom.  Providing students with books at their independent level helps them feel successful and confident.  It also builds fluency and comprehension skills.


Parent Role:

  • Read every night with your child
  • Return the book in its bag as soon as your child finishes reading so that the volunteers and teachers can track student progress. 
    • If your child is reading chapter books, please keep them until they finish.  However, after 10 days, a notice will go home reminding you to return the book for a new one.  If a book has not been returned within 20 days, the book will be presumed lost or damaged (unless we hear otherwise).  Your child's book cart program privileges will be suspended until either the book has been returned or $5.00 has been remitted to the program to replace the book.
  • If your child is not interested in the book sent home, please return it the next day for a new one.
  • Take care of the books so that all students will have a chance to read them.

Thank you for your help with this important and successful reading program.  If you have any questions or concerns about the progress or level, please contact your student's teacher.


For questions about the program, please contact Jennifer Dyer, Book Cart Program Coordinator, at



Please email to ensure this program remains in play!


need to pay a $5.00 fee?