Former Fairmount Elementary School students are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship as high school seniors. This scholarship is available to any high school senior that was enrolled at Fairmount Elementary School for three years or more, and has a satisfactory grade standing, citizenship record, and community service experiences. To apply, print the Scholarship Requirements and return your application to Fairmount Elementary School or email it to by April 14, 2023.



Interested applicants should:


1. Apply by letter only. The letter of application should include plans for higher education and career, the name of the college or trade school applicant plans to attend, school and community activities, and any other information considered necessary. Please, don’t include pictures.


2. Include a copy of your high school transcript with grade point average (1st semester senior transcript is ok), letter of recommendation from high school counselor or high school teacher and other letter of recommendation considered pertinent. Up to two letters of recommendation will be accepted.


3. Please include your address, phone number, dates and teachers’ names of the last three years you attended Fairmount.