Welcome to the Fairmount Garden & Garden Club!

A little about our Fairmount Garden...

First, it is for everyone! You are always welcome to stop by and look, harvest, and enjoy.


Classrooms visit the garden to help plant and learn about how our food grows and the challenges of gardening. Our garden club volunteers also maintain five indoor hydroponic growing towers that visit different classrooms throughout the year. Fifth-grade students participate in a semester-long program where they pick and study their plants for the tower and get some hands-on lessons related to gardening and how the indoor grow towers work.


A little about our Fairmount Garden Club...

The Garden Club is an after-school program run by PTA volunteers that encourages healthy eating habits, fosters an understanding of where our food comes from, and helps students form a deeper connection with the natural world.


Students can learn practical skills such as gardening, planting, nurturing plants, and harvesting fruits and vegetables through participation. It’s amazing the vegetables kids will try and eat!  The program also provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle and how they can positively impact the environment. Overall, the Garden Club is a fantastic place for students to grow their knowledge, skills, and passion for healthy living and environmental sustainability.


Our objectives include providing immersive, experiential learning opportunities, fostering a deep-seated appreciation for fruits and vegetables, promoting physical activity and outdoor exploration, and offering locally sourced produce to students and their families.


We have garden club sign-ups in the fall and spring, and they fill up quickly.


Keep an eye out in the Weekly Messenger for updates on participation and sign-ups