The Fairmount PTA offers many different enrichment programs both before and after school. Our current offerings are listed below, with links to register.

Please review the following parent responsibilities for ensuring your child remembers to attend their after school class:

  1. Remind your child that they have class after school.  You may also wish to attach a note or some other reminder to their backpack on the day(s) they have class.
  2. Contact your child's teacher and ask that they make sure your child gets to their after school class.
  3. Contact the Enrichment provider, or the school office, if your child will NOT be attending class.
  4. Make sure the Enrichment provider and the school have your current contact information.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, please contact the PTA Vice President at


        3:40pm – 4:40pm
STEM Lego Bricks4Kidz Register Here Grades: K-6
    (720) 232-1230   9/6/17 - 10/11/17, 11/29/17 - 1/17/18 , 4/4/18 - 5/9/18
        $90 per student 

         3:45pm - 4:45pm
Foreign        Grades: K-6
Language Introduction to Chinese     9/5/17 - 12/12/17 
       Registration through Friday folder insert

 $90 per student


      Register Here 3:45pm – 4:45pm
Art Abrakadoodle Abrakadoodle (Scroll down to Grades: K-6

9/21/17 - 11/9/17 

      Elementary) $122 per student

Public   Talk to The Camera    3:35pm – 4:45pm
Speaking Broadcasting Class 303-550-2060 Register Here Grades: 1-6



Public Speaking 



Web Wonders 



Talk to The Camera 



Register Here 

$100 per student


3:35pm - 4:45pm

Grades: 2-6


$100 per student 


Performing Arts  Dance Discover Dance Registration through Friday folder insert 

Grades: K-6

 1/25/18 - 3/8/18



        3:35pm – 4:35pm
Home Ec Cooking Sticky Fingers Register Here Grades: K-6
        9/11/17 - 10/30/17, 11/6/17 - 1/8/18, 1/22/18 - 3/19/18, 4/2/18 - 5/14/18
        $148 per student, $129.50 per student for last session

        7:45am - 8:40am
Chess Strategic Chess
Strategic Kids
Register Here Grades: 1-6
     (720) 402-7758  


        $80 per student

Art Kids on Canvas Gallery On the Go Register here 


3:35pm - 5:35pm

9/20/17, 10/18/17, 11/15/17, 12/20/17, 1/24/18, 2/21/18, 3/21/18, 4/18/18







Former Fairmount students are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship when they are high school seniors.  This scholarship is available to any high school senior that was enrolled at Fairmount Elementary School for a period of three years or more, has a satisfactory grade standing, citizenship record, and community service experiences.

To apply, print the Scholarship Requirements and return your application to Fairmount by April 6, 2018.