Box Tops:

Box Tops for Education is a program created by General Mills to support education and schools. Box Tops can be found on participating General Mills Products. Simply clip the Box Tops you find on General Mills brand boxes and turn them into your child’s teacher.  

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Participating products and more information can be found on the Box Tops for Education website.


the next generation of box tops is here!





Buy items with box top labels - look for the logo!



No more clipping. Scan your receipt within 14 days of purchase, using the Box Top App.



Box Top earnings are identified and automatically updated online.





"Box Tops is changing to fit today's families. The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to your school's earnings online."


With the app, you have 14 days to scan your receipt and the app will automatically calculate the amount of Box Tops you have purchased. You can scan all receipts - King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Target, Walmart and Costco.  NO MORE CLIPPING!


See the Box Tops for Education website for additional information.






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